Fast track PTE course

This intense PTE training course is meant to get you your desired score within a very short period of time. The 28 days course provides you with all the tips and strategies to adopt for the exam. Apart from this, it also includes PTE practice tests along with timed Mock Test, a replica of the actual exam. Study in small groups to take a benefit of having one on one feedback from your tutor. Keep yourself updated with the latest materials and changes in the exam as the professionals are available to help you out and assist you in every step.

3 Months PTE course

Got work and cannot make time to study? The 3 months course is exactly what you need. The flexible timetable for the strategy and the lab is tailored to suit your needs. With classes running 6 days a week, arrange your classes according to your roster. This course also provides you with challenging practice tests and mock tests to prepare you for the exam. What more? Face to face comments from your tutor on your performance and study plan to help you save money on PTE.

PTE online classes

Can’t reach us? Don’t worry. We got you covered. This distance study course is particularly designed for those who have difficulty reaching our centres. This course allows students to take online classes with the PTE experts and develop their skills without actually being present in the institute. NO RECORDED LECTURES!!! All the lectures and feedback sessions are live. These online practice sessions also allow the students to practice the questions with the PTE experts with instant correction on techniques and way of attempting the question.